Dog Training with a Clicker

How beneficial is dog clicker training?

train dog with 1 trick

N capowadays, people are switching to Dog Clicker Training instead of other compulsive exercise techniques. There are a number of reasons behind the popularity of this dog training method and the main reason is that this kind of training is more positive and humane. Even though this training not as simple as it looks like, yet if succeed in convincing your dog that, the clicks are for its benefit, then it can make your relationship with your pet more positive and can make your life easy as well. There are a number of techniques, which are used in clicker exercises for dogs.

dog training tricksMain concept of the training by Dana Gallagner

The main idea behind dog clicker training is simple. Al that you have to do is to make your dogs recognize the right thing that they have done with the use of a clicker. This method makes use of positive reinforcement and it is also reward oriented. In this training, dogs should be communicated the exact behavior, which the handler is trying to reinforce. For instance, you can teach your dog to turn in circles and when your pet completes a turn, you should communicate that your dog has done the right thing with the aid of clickers.

Sound of the clicker

The clicker used in Dog Clicker Training makes a simple and short sound, which can be heard by the dogs from larger distances as well. Majority of the clicker trainers believe that clicker training dogs is easy, as the click sound keep away from variations in sound. In conditioning methods where more precision is required clicker is preferred by dog trainers. This is because the sound of a clicker acts like a stimulus for the dogs. This also leads to quick learning as well as long retention in the animal you are training. The response to the sound of a click is also very quick.


Starting with your puppy

Apart from dog training with clickers, you can also adopt puppy clicker training to train a puppy. If you start the conditioning from an early age, then your pet will grow up to become a wonderful and obedient dog. You can also buy special training kits to train your puppy and then you can start right away with the training. If your puppy is out of your control most of the time, then clicker sessions can teach your puppy some self-control. You can start with supplementing the clicker sound with some treats, as this will indicate that the sound means a reward.

angry dog trainingTeaching obedience to your dog

If you want that your dog compete in competitions, then too this kind of training can help you to get best performance from your dog. You can learn about clicker training for obedience from different books available in the market, and then you can train your dog devoid of any harsh methods. If you compare the Clicker Training of Dana Gallagner with other traditional methods of training, then you will find out that your pet learns at a faster rate with clicker methods, making it best dog clicker training. You can make your dog learn a behavior and also carry it all through the life.

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